ROG Community Challenge Grand Final – Team TaiwanZ vs. Team SPUNJ


ROG Join the Republic: Community Challenge second evening will finish with TaiwanZ lead by their captain Luke will face Australia and Captain SPUNJ.

TaiwanZ comes from the real esport enviorment in Taiwan, they were winners of the JTR tournament in Taipei and participated in ROG-Masters before going to the Communty Challenge. Their top player is crazyface who besides his characteristic nickname also often does the crazy plays.

The complete TaiwanZ line-up is:

YanLi ” YanLi” Peng
Arcadia ” Nyx”Fong
Vic ”Crazyface” Chang
Naimres ” Naimres” Mao
Luke ” Luke” Tseng
Lin ” Sayoko” Sayoko

Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill Joined ROG at PAX Australia to find 4 players for his team, after a big show-up a 5v5 game played on the PAX Arena finalized the lineup. During that game iNSANITY^ were showing off some mad skills.

Australian line-up is:

Shaun ” iNSANITY^” Speary
Liam ”HPR” Miller
Tony ”t0niac ” Kok
Dale ”deoxiDE” Carta

Make sure to tune into the ROG Twitch Channel to catch the action, broadcast starts at 22:00 CET!