ROG Community Challenge Grand Final – Team TaiwanZ vs. Team Maikelele


The second semifinal of the evening is between Team Maikelele and Team TaiwanZ. With many fans are curious about the Taiwanese team there is also a massive pressure on Sweden to win this game.

The Swedish team won a close game against Team adreN with the Captain Mikail “Maikelele” Bill, carrying the team to victory. To win against TaiwanZ more players in the Swedish team needs to show up.


Benjamin “lolz1e” Borgman
Robin “Crasher” Engström
Sezar “|F|oxeyyy” Altonchi
Lucas “forcetolive” Alexandersson

TaiwanZ did a surprising move just before the tournament adding the captain Luke to their lineup. This seems like a good move with Luke doing some impressive rounds durin the game. With the heavily favorited team from Sweden the Taiwan team needs to bring their a-game.


YanLi ”YanLi” Peng
Arcadia ”Nyx” Fong
Vic ”Crazyface” Chang
Naimres ”Naimres” Mao
Luke ”Luke” Tseng

Make sure to tune into the ROG Twitch Channel to catch the action, broadcast starts at 22:00 CET!